Meriden Eye Care, LLC
I, personally, was taken care of by Dr.Lauren Plass (I believe is the last name but definitely Dr.Lauren) but before meeting her I was having a TERRIBLE day. It all started with arriving to my "original eye care" office for my appointment. I was late by JUST FOUR MINUTES, literally have proof, calls, video WITH the time stamp, the whole deal, but they REFUSED to see me just because I was FOUR MINUTES late. *DO NOT* GO TO 'PROFESSIONAL VISION CENTER' 512 W MAIN ST. IN MERIDEN, LOCATED IN THE DUNKIN' DONUTS AND PIZZERIA PLAZA ACROSS - FROM THE CORNER W MAIN ST. CVS). With all that being said, I called here and they took me the SAME DAY! :)) Upon entering & heading to the front desk for check in the receptionist was super kind & polite & so sympathetic for the MESS I had just dealt with at the other location (they all were VERY sympathetic, so kind & welcoming!!) Then, I was placed in Jordan's care - Where he did all the prior testing before meeting with the doctor herself, & I have to say, hands down, one of the sweetest, most polite, respectful, kind-hearted soul I have met in quite SOME time. It was AMAZING to see such a nice young man living & doing such great things in life already with such an amazing personality! I'm grateful they have such an amazing team. I'm sure they are as well. ❤️ I felt extremely welcomed & comfortable throughout the ENTIRE appointment. After testings with Jordan, I was then able to meet my NEW EYE DOCTOR (YASSSS!!!) DR.LAURENNNN PLASS!! & she too!, amazingly sweet, kind, & embarrassingly, (at this point), very sympathetic for what I went through earlier. (obviously they all knew & must've talked about it before coming in due to my call beforehand because they did fit me in & care for me THE SAME DAY!), & of course being THEEE doctor, now seeing why I was so upset & really in desperate NEED & WANT of new glasses since my last pair were broken & then gone. :( I know this is a long review but I do believe it was important to add every detail (some what) I could. & I do believe that it does matter & would/could make a difference in someone's decision when choosing their new eye care team. It was a bittersweet situation I had to experience that morning because at the end of it all, I ended up with an amazing new eye care team to go to when needed & I do believe I can count on AND I'm just waiting on my NEW AMAZINGGGG GLASSES I was able to choose out of MANY! :)) I'm so so sooo happy with the outcome. I had HAPPY TEARS at the end of it all. I would recommend this location to anyone & EVERYONE. HANDS DOWN, I'M SO HAPPY I MADE THE DECISION TO REACH OUT TO THEM AND JUST GIVE THEM A CALL!! :)) That's all it takes! They're just a phone call away to an amazing new eye care team with exceptional client care. I've never had a chance to leave such a positive review on any location like this because I wouldn't ever want to mislead anyone. But I, personally, was extremely happy & super excited for my new pair of glasses. Thank Dr.Lauren, Jordan, & everyone at Meriden Eye Care @ 658 Broad St Meriden, CT 06450 !! <3

Elizabeth R. | Feb 20, 2024
I have had glasses for 61 years of my 65 age. Without reservation, I am able to say that Dr. Youssefi provided one if not the most complete and thorough examinations in my time, resulting in a spot on prescription and eyesight missing for years. Professional and charming in her own right, her staff presented care and customer service which in this day is often missing or not a valued focus. I am fortunate to be a patient, thank you Jeffrey

Jeffery F. | Jan 28, 2024