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Visionary Optics HydroKone™ offers a new approach to keratoconus that offers the comfort of a soft lens; custom parameters, including cylinder correction to -15.00 D; and 3 unique designs giving you more options to successfully fit all stages of keratoconus.

Standard Design offers a central steep zone and is great for mild to advanced keratoconus patients.

Globus Design offers a larger sagittal depth and is ideal for patients who have ectasia covering most of the cornea.

Pellucid Design is a reverse geometry that is great for patients who have ectasia in a large sector of the cornea.


The HydroKone™ features are designed to provide:
  • A higher level of comfort than most corneal GP or hybrid lenses can deliver
  • Excellent visual outcomes
  • Ability to correct residual astigmatism up to -15.00 D with a double slab off prism ballasted design
  • 90 day risk free warranty with unlimited exchanges


Base Curves:           4.1 mm to 9.3 mm
Diameter:                 12.0 mm to 17.0 mm
BV Powers:              +50.00 D. to -75.00 D. in 0.25 D.
Cylinder (toric):        -0.25 D. to -15.00 D. in 0.25 D.
Axis (toric):                 1° to 180° in 1° steps
Colors:                       Clear or VisiTint Blue
Material (standard): Hioxifilcon A59% water24 Dk
Material:                    Methafilcon A55% water18 Dk