Meriden Eye Care, LLC

Luiza Youssefi, DO

Board Certified Optometrist in Meriden and Fairfield, CT

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Luiza Youssefi, DO, is a skilled and compassionate optometrist at Meriden Eye Care, LLC, which has locations in Fairfield and Meriden, Connecticut. 

Dr. Youseffi received her Bachelor’s degree from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada, where she then transferred to Illinois College of Optometry in Chicago. As a contact lens specialist, Dr. Youssefi is experienced in fitting soft lenses, rigid gas permeable, and scleral lenses for patients with post-surgical, keratoconic, bifocal, and/or otherwise difficult-to-fit prescriptions.

In addition, Dr. Youssefi fits prosthetic or cosmetic contact lenses for disfigured eyes. Her other areas of professional interest are primary eye care and post-op management for patients undergoing cataract removal, glaucoma management, corneal transplants, cross-linking, intacts, and refractive surgery such as Lasik and PRK.

As a member of the Connecticut Association of Optometrists, the American Optometric Association, and The Contact Lens Society, Dr. Youssefi is active within the optometric community. She is very passionate about caring for her patients and is dedicated to her professional career.

In her spare time outside of the office, Dr. Youssefi enjoys painting, cooking, Zumba dancing, traveling, and spending time with her family.